Monday, September 5, 2011

Are psychics satanic or evil?

Absolutely not. Anyone who is Satanic or evil would call themselves something other than a psychic. Most Psychics believe their gift was given by God just as everyone else’s is. Some people are born musicians, some are born artists, and some are born psychics. Many historical figures from Roman times to Ronald Regan have sought the advice of psychics when they needed it. There are also plenty of Christian psychics, Jewish psychics, and Catholic psychics. Psychic ability has nothing to do with religion or beliefs, but rather if the person was born with a gift or not. Some people say that during a psychic reading that psychics tap in to Satan’s power, but how would he have a power that God does not have or did not give him? Isn’t God all powerful? Surely people on his side also have these same powers, if not MUCH stronger powers, to combat the people who are psychic and also chose Satanism as their religion. There have been far more people who claim to have psychic powers and say they received as a gift from God than there have ever been people who say they are using Satan’s power to be a psychic. Satan is allowed to remain because it is God’s will, and God would not give his children the shorter end of the stick and Satan’s minions an advantage.

A lot would see someone who gets answers from beyond as evil, but surely there are just as many if not more good spirits that are out there than bad spirits. Like nature, the spiritual world is very balanced and will correct imbalances. Most psychics call upon God or Jesus and give them credit for the gifts they have. They ask for the holy spirit to guide them, not for dark powers or Satan. Also, unlike what you see on TV or movies, psychics do not all look like gypsies and only stay in dark rooms. They are people like you and me, and most of these people tell only their family and close friends. We’ve all heard the story about how someone’s grandma knew her son had died at the moment he passed even though he was far away. Or the grandpa who saw his brother come into his room on the night he died. Most people do have a psychic experience in their lives, but can’t tap into the ability enough to be able to turn it on and off.

These people did not tap into the power of Satan to use this power. These people are regular people like you and me, they know nothing of black magic or Satanism. The same way most psychics know nothing about Satanism. Yes there could be a Satanic psychic out there, but there could also be a Satanic police officer, and that doesn’t make all police officers Satanic. There is no need to worry if a psychic is a Satanist anyways, as you just move on because there will be far more psychics who believe in God out there to help you.

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